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Dunia Orellana

Latin America


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What are the jobs that you liked the most? 

I like those that present challenges and give us the opportunity to develop personally and professionally, which can take us to the limit of our strength, but at the same time allow us to learn more about ourselves and about the reality that surrounds us.

I remember a sentence I read somewhere. One person would say to another: if you have a job you like, you're very lucky. And I am fortunate enough to have found a job in communications at the International Bureau for the Rights of the Child (IBCR) because I like communication for development and because it is a job that presents daily interesting challenges and the opportunity to achieve goals that impact the lives of many people, bringing them hope and freedom. 

I have been with IBCR for three months now and it seems to have flown by. It has been challenging, but also satisfying. I have learned to appreciate the work that IBCR does to prevent human trafficking, as it is extremely meticulous work. 

I have also learned to value the immense effort that IBCR's collaborators make in establishing links with various institutions of the Honduran State in order to ensure that victims rescued from human trafficking receive comprehensive care to help them escape from the clutches of this terrible crime. And to start their lives anew.

How has the work at IBCR been during your mandate?

It has been filled with learning experiences. During this time in the IBCR’S communications department, I have been able to understand the realities surrounding human trafficking, a crime that especially affects girls, boys, women, and people from the LGBTQ+ community. 

Without a doubt, IBCR has given me a gigantic opportunity. Why? Because it gave me the possibility to connect with other perspectives and realities that I did not know, even thought I am a Honduran. It also opens the doors to volunteering, which helps me gain access to new ways to improve my work ethic.

At the same time, because of my work at IBCR, I can now offer useful tools to the institution. It is, without a doubt, an opportunity to achieve development in several areas of my life as a communications professional, as a Honduran, and as part of a valuable and courageous working group. 

How has this work helped you grow?

It has allowed me, for example, to participate in the congress on human trafficking organised and developed by IBCR. It was a significant opportunity to learn how a variety of organisations, both inside and outside Honduras, are working together at various levels to fight head on against this crime that affects so many.

My experience over the past months has helped me to understand the significance and importance of IBCR's work. During these months I have been learning about specific cases of human trafficking and exploitation and I have realised the role I have as a communication professional in the fight against this crime. 

My daily goal is to make the organisation's messages clearer and reach the target populations in order to make a positive change in the lives of victims of human trafficking and exploitation. However, my work would not have the impact I hope for if I were not supported by the great team at IBCR.

What are you most proud of?

I am proud to work for an institution that aspires to achieve balanced teamwork, which is one of its greatest strengths. That is one of its greatest strengths. How do we achieve that? By offering meaningful support to the victim. This accompaniment makes me feel even more invested in IBCR.

I look back with pride at my achievements over the past months, full of learning, challenges, and successes. But what inspires me most is to look ahead to the months that wait us, in which I will continue to give my fullest attention to the IBCR, confident that, with everyone's participation, we will continue to change people's lives.

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