Discover our positions for international volunteering for the Project to Strengthen all aspects of Children’s Rights (PRIDE).

Ranging from two weeks to several months, the assignments are adapted to the needs of our 33 partners and their activities and are spread over 11 countries in 3 regions of the world.

As a volunteer, you will be assigned to the heart of one of our partners’ mission, but your action will go beyond that! In partnership with the other volunteers and the network of organisations created within the framework of PRIDE, you will contribute to the global change brought about by the project, and to a sustainable and reinforced protection for all children.

Commit alongside the IBCR to put your skills and expertise at the service of children’s rights, in a spirit of benevolence and solidarity!

We have no offers available at the moment.

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Spontaneous application

Submit your spontaneous application, we will be able to analyse your expertise and, if possible, offer you a suitable assignment for the project.

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