Taking action to improve social welfare and children’s rights through international volunteering

International volunteering, also known as voluntary cooperation, allows Canadians of all ages and backgrounds to go on volunteer missions abroad, for a few days or several months, in an effort to take action in the field, in the heart of the communities we serve.

The mission takes place with the IBCR’s partner organisations, who campaign for children’s rights in various fields.

With the objective of mutual aid and capacity building, volunteers who work alongside the International Bureau for Children’s Rights put their skills and expertise at the service of partners working directly with children.

Their mobilisation contributes in particular to advancing girls’ empowerment and gender equality and to protecting children and their rights, regardless of context.

After 5 years of voluntary cooperation with the PRODEF project, the Bureau is strengthening its action with its PCV Project to Strengthen all aspects of Children’s Rights, which began in 2020.

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The IBCR voluntary cooperation programme (VCP)

  • 8 years (2020 to 2028)
  • 11 countries of intervention / 3 regions of the world
    • Sub-Saharan Africa: Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Madagascar, Senegal and Togo
    • North Africa: Morocco, Tunisia
    • Latin America: Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Peru
  • More than 30 partner organisations
  • 250 volunteers deployed

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A true professional and human adventure, international volunteering will allow you to make a difference and use your skills where they will be most useful, with children and vulnerable communities.

By engaging with the IBCR, you can be sure to benefit from strong partnerships, constant support and proven experience.

We believe that the greatest and most lasting change comes from working closely with people and partners on the ground.

With us, build a fairer world for children!

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I joined PCV as a volunteer so that I could participate in a sustainable way in a world that is more empathetic, tolerant and where there is equality of opportunity and resources. I am proud of the positive impact PCV is having on child protection systems at the regional level. Children are the foundation of our society and to ensure a more just world tomorrow, their rights must be protected and respected immediately.Stéphanie Daigneault, regional PCV manager