For the past several years, the IBCR has been working with several universities to offer students intensive and immersive internships within an international organisation.

Becoming an intern means having the chance to work with our team of experts, participate in meaningful projects and contribute to the cause of children in programming, development, evaluation, communication and administration.

We need talented and motivated interns just like you!

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The International Bureau for Children’s Rights takes the global spread of COVID-19 or Coronavirus very seriously. As a result, we have adapted our activities and taken preventive measures to preserve the safety of everyone.

Working for a noble cause has always been one of my professional aspirations. Working for the IBCR, I know deeply that every gesture, every learning is aimed at changing the life of someone, of a child. In a great team solidarity, each member of this organisation puts his or her stone to the edifice. Today, I am adding my stone, little by little.Dorra Banouri, former intern

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