Going on an international volunteering mission means flying to another country to work in close collaboration with our partners in Africa or Latin America for a few weeks or several months.

Alongside a committed team, take part in rpgrammes and daily life, and go beyond the professional framework to build real human relationships centred on exchange and learning.

Leaving with the VCP programme is also a promise to go to the heart of the communities, and to use your skills where they will be most useful to change children’s reality.

Whether you are in transition careers, on sabbatical, looking for a humanitarian mission, just graduated, between 2 years of studies, retired, taking a break from your professional life, or simply want to give your time and expertise to a cause that is close to your heart, international volunteering gives you the opportunity to blossom while helping a good cause.




Benefits offered by the IBCR:

  • Monthly allowance to cover basic expenses (varies depending on the cost of living at destination)
  • Accommodations at destination
  • Return airfare
  • Emergency medical insurance
  • Time off (varies depending on the length of the engagement)
  • Pre-departure training (mandatory)
  • Ongoing training at destination


The next step? Our recruitment process:

  1. Apply to a volunteer opportunity or submit a spontaneous application 
  2.  If your profile fits, you will be contacted for a test and possibly an interview
  3. Sign your contract and prepare for your departure (administrative formalities, visas, vaccinations, purchase of plane tickets)
  4. Take our pre-departure training in Montreal or online (required)
  5. Field trip to the partner organisation (with constant follow-up with our team in Montreal and the regional manager close to you)
  6. Return to Montreal and reporting to the IBCR in Montreal or online (mandatory, depending on the type of position)


A variety of assignment durations:

  • Short: 2 weeks
  • Medium: 10 months
  • Long: 12 months

A number of different fields:

  • Organisational management
  • Gender equality
  • Project Management
  • Communication
  • Law, children’s rights
  • Social Work, …

Eligibility requirements:

  • Being a citizen or permanent resident of Canada (with official documents attesting to status) or a resident of the countries affected by the project (for our South-South missions)
  • Possessing the skills and/or experience required for the job
  • Benefiting from a health insurance plan (RAMQ in Quebec) or private health insurance
  • Be in good physical and mental health (certification by medical certificates mandatory)


No one has the pretense to think they are able to change the world. But some people have dared to imagine it, to wish it and to project themselves into a fairer, more just society. This battle is far from over, but it is a noble one, because it emanates from a people who speak for the people, from organisations dedicated to asserting the rights of this people, with a single objective: to live better alone in order to live better together.

Volunteer worker with the Amal association for families and children, in Tunisia - Project PRODEF


Join us, and be part of the solution for lasting change to better protect children!