The IBCR multiplies its actions for the end of the year 2017

At the end of 2017, the IBCR has multiplied its actions as part of its programmatic, institutional and advocacy activities, both abroad and in Montreal. Here are some examples of the IBCR’s latest activities. 

The IBCR has held workshops with children in Ouagadougou and Kinshasa on December 5, 6 and 8, 2017. These children, mostly street children hosted by NGO partner centres, were actively involved in the development of training kits. Read more


The IBCR has been invited to participate to a discussion panel which took place in Ouagadougou. The topic of this event was “Childhood and adolescence in Burkina Faso: what does the future hold by 2030? This panel discussion was a good occasion to gather several experts to talk about children and teenager’s future as well as the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, by 2030. Read more


The IBCR was invited at United Nations Day at UQÀM, which was organised by the United Nations Association in Canada – Greater Montreal, to give a conference about the organisation and talk about the Volunteer Cooperation Programme. Read more



A conference about Voluntary Cooperation has been organised by the IBCR and Lawyers without Borders UQÀM on November 16, 2017. The objective of this conference was to inform the people interested about voluntary cooperation positions and to promote the Voluntary Cooperation Programme: Protection of Children, Women and other Vulnerable Populations (PRODEF)Read more


On November 13, members of the IBCR went to Stanislas College as part of “Career Day”. The objective of this event was for students from Secondary 3 to 5 to meet professionals working in different fields. This event was also an opportunity to present the work done by the International Bureau for Children’s Rights and to increase students’ awareness regarding children’s rights and child protection. Read more 


As part of the project “Institutional reinforcement to combat human trafficking in Costa Rica”, a validation workshop of the training kit for the police sector was held, in San José. Read more 



The IBCR in Honduras has conducted, with the coordination of DINAF, four work sessions to raise awareness about the rights of children deprived of liberty. These presentations were held for detention centre personnel in the central region of the country. Read more