Social actors and security services personnel trained in Benin

The project in Benin, which begun in October 2016, aims to support the Benin’s government in its will to extend the access to the Central Office for the Protection of Minors, the Family and the Suppression of Trafficking of Human Beings ( OPCM) beyond the city of Cotonou the surrounding areas. The project also seeks to foster the capacities of social actors and security services personnel on different procedures and mecanisms related to the protection of the child, which is also the ultimate goal of the second phase of this project. 

Recently, the IBCR validated the traning kit and strategy of the OPCM. That training kit was meant to train the security services personnel. On the other hand, the Office is currently preparing an upcoming mission for May to identify training needs as well as more harmonised procedures and mechanisms for collaboration.

The second phase of the project in Benin will end in September 2017.