IBCR’s interns : invaluable ressources

The International Bureau for Children’s Rights is honoured  to relie on a team of students and gratuates from a various field of studies to assist its team. 

Their presence and inconditional commitment allow the IBCR to see its objectives through, and attain its mission to promote and protect children’s rights. Read our interns’ testimonies on their daily involvlement and activities on our projects. 


 “Within the International Bureau of Children’s Rights, my main task was to write the first step of the capacity building procedure, which consists of creating a data base. Having a certain experience in the legal field, I was claimed to analyze the penal system for minors in Burkina Faso. I do believe that I contributed to this project by putting my legal reflexes and instincts in to implement. This experience was extremely enriching and interesting. This internship gives an incredible view on the international sphere and certainly open our minds.”
Fannie De Longchamp
Burkina Faso Project Assistant

“My experience at IBCR allowed me to discover the internal structures of an international development project. By joining the Bureau, more specifically the ongoing project in the Democratic Republic of Congo, I was able to expand my knowledge on children’s rights and to work in their favor in my own modest way. The international development represents for me an opportunity to implement my university knowledge acquisition with an ethical and utilitarian vision of work. This overall experience strengthened my willingness of specializing in project management.” 
Noam Ohayon
Democratic Republic of Congo Project Assistant
Student maîtrise Études internationales

“Inspired by the idea that our state of mind and our lives are enriched by the relations created with the others, and by the sharing of experiences, I would say that what makes the difference in the pcv team is the openness of its members towards a mutual learning. As an intern, I am in a permanent process of learning, but what I appreciate the most is the fact of having a project manager ready to share his knowledge, but also to learn from me.”
Natalia Daza
Voluntary cooperation programme assistant
Student at maîtrise en Études Internationales, Université de Montréal

“I am currently assisting the project manager in the drafting of a diagnosis on Burkina’s child protection system. To do so, I have to effectuate documentary research and analyse the information collected by the team on the field. The document is the corner stone on which the standard operating procedures and the training packages will be elaborated. So far, the internship has been stimulating and enlightening considering that it offers the opportunity to acquire knowledge on the project’s content as well as on the practices surrounding its management” 
Camille Noel
Burkina Faso Project Assistant
Student maîtrise en gestion de projet, Université du Québec à Rimouski (UQAR)

“As an intern, I help the project manager to divide her work so that she can concentrate on the essential tasks of the project. My presence allows her to have assistance in the small details and a second opinion when necessary. Personal experience and skills of interns, such as knowledge of country’s context or fluency in  Spanish, for example, facilitate the daily work, communication with the local team and the progress of planned activities. This experience allowed me to rub shoulders with an incredible team and to participate, by my daily work and constant support, to the evolution of a one-of-its-kind project. ” 
Anna Mahura
Honduras Project Assistant
Student baccalauréat en Études internationales, Université de Montréal

“Being a project management intern and assistant at the IBCR enables me to support the project manager in the wide variety of his daily activities which includes research, planning, communication and administrative work. The DRC project is actually entering a new phase which involves the development of training material, this work mobilises a variety of our knowledge and skills in a creative dynamic. The strength of this internship truly lies in the project manager’s trust in his assistants at any step of the project, I am therefore able to acquire a wide range of skills.”
Amandine Lannéval
Democratic Republic of Congo Project  Assistant
Student maîtrise, Études internationales, Université de Laval