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This past year, the International Bureau for Children’s Rights mobilised more than ever to address the threats to children’s rights, accentuated by the pandemic and the unprecedented health situation.

From Quebec to Afghanistan, via Tunisia, Burundi and Cameroon, we have once again acted this year to advance and protect the rights of all children, alongside our partners in the field.

With the completion of two major projects in Burkina Faso and the Democratic Republic of Congo, giving a glimpse of a better future for the children of these two countries, the publication of a set of key competencies for professionals working with children deprived of their liberty, and the development of a new strategic plan, the Bureau has been mobilised on several fronts this year to ensure that our children have a present worthy of them.

Because there is still a long way to go to ensure that every child enjoys his or her rights equally and in all circumstances, we will continue to act relentlessly to rise to the level of children and ensure that they grow up in an environment conducive to their well-being.

Learn more about our interventions in Quebec and around the world through this new 2020-2021 annual report !


Read the IBCR’s 2020-2021 Annual Report

Our major achievements this year: 

The Office has worked in 16 countries in Africa, the Americas and the Middle East

The rights of an additional 1,700,180 children are better protected as a result of our actions

3097 people have been sensitised, equipped or trained in children’s rights

23 awareness-raising, development or training workshops were organised on children’s rights, gender equality or the protection of children in situations of armed conflict

At least 355 girls and women have been impacted by our projects

6 virtual or face-to-face events organised or co-organised by the IBCR and 8 events related to children’s rights to which it contributed, with the participation of over 670 people

13 advocacy actions in favour of children’s rights, which – among other things – led to the extension of health coverage for all children in Quebec, influenced recommendations for the transformation of the province’s child protection system, and brought the issue of deprivation of liberty for children to the forefront of the world’s attention in order to better protect these children and respect their rights

53 employees, 19 interns and 12 volunteers were actively involved in our projects


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