Burkina Faso’s children addressing the authorities

On 21 January, 30 children participating in the IBCR’s “Biig Yi Nere” project in Burkina Faso were able to present to the authorities their grievances and wishes to improve the respect of children’s rights in the country. Political representatives and opinion leaders gathered to hear these messages at a dedicated event in Ouagadougou.


In the form of speeches, a letter, songs and slams, the child members of the project’s advisory committee present at the event shared their messages and concerns with the Minister of Humanitarian Action and the Minister of Education about violence against children, health issues and the problem of street children.

One child not enrolled in school is a great loss to the nation. Please help us by raising awareness, providing care or scholarships for these children. For the right to health, we want to raise awareness among parents so that they know that life is sacred.

In the run-up to this event, several training sessions, analysis of the Burkina Faso context and work on the messages presented were organised with the children, in collaboration with community networks, associations and the partner ministries of the “Biig Yi Nere” project. These sessions enabled the children to strengthen their capacity for participation and leadership and thus their role in preventing and combating sexual and gender-based violence.

The meeting also allowed the Bureau to recall that each child must be seen as the agent of change that he or she is, capable of playing an active role in the respect of his or her rights and the decisions that concern him or her.

The messages presented by the children are strong messages that challenge us all to ensure that the opinion of the child is systematically taken into account in our daily actions concerning them.”Astou Fall, project manager in Burkina Faso

The child members of the advisory committee will continue to be involved in the Biig Yi Nere project throughout its implementation.


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Photo credits: Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of Burkina Faso  and the children of the Advisory Committee

*Project in Burkina Faso with technical and financial support