A new volunteer cooperation programme to work closely with the communities

This year, the IBCR launches its new voluntary cooperation programme, the Project for the Integral Reinforcement of Children’s Rights (or PRIDE), which will run for a period of 7 years. Signed in April 2020, it provides for the deployment of more than 240 volunteers in 11 countries around the world, among our 33 partners working to protect and promote the rights of the child. Despite the current health situation, we have been able to establish the foundations of the project and the collaboration with our partners, as well as the preparation for the next steps.

International volunteering, also known as volunteer cooperation, allows Canadians of all ages and backgrounds to go on a volunteer mission abroad, for a few days or several months, to take part in actions carried out on the ground with vulnerable communities.

Over the past 5 years, approximately 11,000 Canadians have gone abroad as volunteers to participate in Canada’s international development efforts. The IBCR, in consortium with Avocat sans frontières, took part in the volunteer cooperation through the PRODEF project which ended in 2020.

˃ Learn more about the PRODEF project and its results

We are convinced that it is by acting as close as possible to the people and working with our partners in the field that the most important and lasting changes can be made. This is why the International Bureau for Children’s Rights is launching its new volunteer cooperation programme! The project for the integral reinforcement of children’s rights, or PRIDE project, thus begins this year and will run until 2027.

What is PRIDE?

  • More than 270 mandates, spread over 7 years, ranging from a few days to several months, which will be carried out by volunteers, specialists ready to put their time and expertise at the service of children’s rights.
  • 33 partners, working in the field of child protection, whose action will be strengthened thanks to the support of volunteers and exchanges built up within the framework of the project.
  • 11 countries of intervention :
    • Sub-Saharan Africa: Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Madagascar, Senegal, Togo
    • North Africa: Morocco, Tunisia
    • Latin America: Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Peru
  • The creation of a network of local and national actors, organisations and institutions, working towards a common goal, to foster exchanges and mutual reinforcement.

Whether through the provision of legal, technical, communication, project management, training or other expertise, the mobilisation of volunteers will contribute to protecting children and their rights and advancing girls’ empowerment and gender equality at the global level in all our countries of intervention.


A dedicated visual identity

At the centre of the word “PRIDE”, the “i” represents the child, at the centre of the project and all its actions, but also at the heart of the system that is supposed to protect him or her.

An unusual context

The current health context forces us to adapt our actions to launch the project activities while ensuring the safety of our volunteers and partners, our primary concern.

Our teams have therefore worked hard to prepare the next 7 years with our partners, according to their needs and the context of each country. We are making every effort to ensure that volunteers can start their missions when the situation allows, and to foster an enriching collaboration with all stakeholders despite the distance.

Three volunteer development workers, already present in our countries of intervention, also began their mandate in September as regional managers. You will be able to learn more about their first weeks working for the PRIDE very soon thanks to our first blog posts. Many thanks to Diana, Lara and Dieyla for their hard work over the last few weeks.



Diana Carvajal
Regional Manager – Latin America 


Lara Pocock
Regional Manager – North Africa and Madagascar


Dieyla Thiam
Regional Manager – Subsaharan Africa

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