Gala evening to support child victims of sexual violence

fundraising for victims of sexual violences

Joël Yelouassi

Sub-Saharan Africa


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Throughout my mandate with Centre Kekeli, I had the opportunity to develop several communication tools and philanthropic strategies. A major activity of my mandate was the organisation of a gala evening, which took place on 23 December at the Onomo Hotel in Lomé.

This evening aimed to raise funds to build new rooms at the Maison d'Accueil et de Transit (MAT) as well as to provide food, medical and psychological care for the child victims of sexual violence who pass through the Kekeli Centre. In 2021, the MAT welcomed more than 112 children, although it only has 8 dormitory places, so it was necessary to increase this capacity to ensure a healthy environment for the residents.


Photos credits : Joël Yelouassi


About the Kekeli Centre

Founded in 2006, the KEKELI Centre of the Carmelite Sisters of Charity Vedruna (CK-CCV) is a protection centre for children that aims to ensure their protection, development and influence. The Centre has a recreational, formative, cultural, listening and reception area for children working in the Hanoukopé market, children who are victims of violence and sexual abuse and also children who are victims of cross-border trafficking. It also has a reception and transit house for sexually abused girls, and a day centre for all working children and trafficked children in particular.

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The organisation of the gala evening

In order to organise this important evening, a select committee made up of the staff of the Kekeli Centre as well as people who are 'friends of the Centre' was set up. An audience was also requested with the General Manager of the Onomo Hotel in order to highlight the usefulness of this activity and its benefits for child victims of sexual violence.

Artists and volunteers contributed to the project by donating or performing at the event. A journalist also agreed to host the evening. In the end, more than 50 people attended, including several public and political figures. The evening raised more than 2.3 million FCFA.


Photos credits : Joël Yelouassi


Perspectives of the Gala evening

Following the considerable success of this Gala evening, I proposed to the Kekeli Centre to make it an annual activity and to renew the partnership with the Onomo Hotel in the framework of this activity. I also collaborated in setting up the "Club Kekeli", whose main mission is to advocate for better protection of girls' and women's rights in Togo by promoting collaboration between the different actors in the country's child protection system. The club is made up of staff and volunteers from the Kekeli Centre, lawyers, politicians, and local and international human rights NGOs.

Although I do not interact directly with the children through my work, I contribute to their support and empowerment by mobilising the necessary means and people. I am greatly rewarded for this and I find my work really exciting!

Some testimonies collected during the evening :

« What the Kekeli Centre is experiencing is unprecedented. It was the first time that the centre organised such an activity and it was a success. »

Théodore Abgovi, Head of the Educational Unit

« JI would like to congratulate you on the determination and courage it took to organise this gala evening, this fundraising evening, and to try to mobilise all those who are sensitive to the cause of child victims of sexual violence. You had to do it and you did it. You set yourself an objective. You tried to mobilise the whole community for this and that is something that is appreciated. »

Awa Faly Ba, Resident Representative of Plan International Togo

« This evening is very important and the initiative is worthwhile. »

Madame Kama-Djona Akoura, Representing the Minister for Social Action, the Promotion of Women and Literacy of Togo

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