Our volunteers

Paola Jasmin Perez

Conseillère en Gestion Organisationnelle

Jasmin Perez holds a degree in Management and Social Development from the Metropolitan University of Honduras (UMH) and a master's degree in International Cooperation for the Development of Peoples from TECH-Universidad Tecnológica. Throughout her studies, she participated in various volunteer works such as Youth 20/20Honduras, WorldVision Honduras, Fundación Vida. She has worked in different international cooperation agencies, her work focuses on the social and economic development of people located in vulnerable areas, with the aim of finding ways to promote citizen participation. She also has a deep knowledge of human rights. In addition, she has supported the creation of different public policies in favor of children and women.

All her professional experience in projects focused on social development has allowed her to learn more about the daily reality of children. This is the main reason why she decided to be part of the volunteer program, feeling the satisfaction of being able to contribute to a significant change in the situation of violation of children's rights in Honduras.


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