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Nidhal Hlayem

Advisor in project monitoring, management and evaluation

Nidhal holds a master's degree in child education and has more than 12 years of experience in the field of children's rights protection in Tunisia.

Formerly head of the department of legislation, studies and reports at the sub-directorate of children's rights and the General Directorate for Children at the Ministry of Women, Family and Children in Tunisia, she has contributed to the development, implementation and evaluation of policies, plans and programmes in the field of children's rights. Nidhal has also worked as a liaison officer with associations working in the field of childhood and as a trainer in children's rights,

These experiences have led her to collaborate and manage multiple projects with a variety of public and private actors, international organisations and civil society, as well as monitoring the implementation of international and regional instruments and agreements related to children and preparing international, regional and national reports on the situation of children.

Nidhal is a member of the Tunisian section of Amnesty International (member of the executive board (2011-2013), of the women's commission (2008-2014) and of the human rights education commission (in charge of campaigns related to children's rights and human rights-based education).

The defence of human rights and the fight for the respect and strengthening of children's rights are for her an unfinished battle, a duty that would make the world a better place.

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