Our volunteers

Marco Ramirez

Communication Advisor

Marco Ramírez is a communicator with extensive experience and academic training in the field of advertising, marketing and communication with social impact. He has developed social communication campaigns with a focus on the human rights of children and adolescents, and has also developed communication products for the LGTBIQ+ population, migrant population and population deprived of liberty, among other populations in situations of social vulnerability.

In his most recent experience, he was head of communication for the College of Psychology Professionals of Costa Rica, an action that has allowed this institution to acquire prestige at national and international level. From his contribution in this organization he developed the management of projects on Bullying and Cyberbullying, Suicide Prevention and positioning of Psychology as part of Integral Health which allowed these issues to be placed on the national agenda through mass media.

During the year 2020, he developed the campaign "Together we can take care of ourselves" for self-care of mental health in times of Covid-19. In this context, he articulated the participation of the Costa Rican Ministry of Health and the Latin American Facebook and Instagram Security team due to the quality of the communication product.

Marco has a strategic vision, which allows him to advise management and operational teams in the development of communication products, thanks to the fact that in his professional career he has developed in various areas of communication, such as graphic design, journalism, public relations and marketing.

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