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Lara Pocock

Regional Manager - North Africa and Madagascar

Lara Pocock has a good experience in Canadian politics and international development. She has served as Parliamentary Assistant and Policy Advisor to Canada's Minister for International Development. During her four years of employment in Ottawa, she notably supported the work of MPs in various caucuses and contributed to the drafting and dissemination of Canada's feminist international aid policy. She has also worked to ensure the smooth running of programs that strengthen gender equality and human rights.

Lara fundamentally believes in the importance of humanitarian actions based on the defense of rights. She is particularly interested in strengthening the rights of adolescents, particularly through the acquisition of knowledge and services on sexual and reproductive health and rights.

During her experience in the office of the Minister of International Development, Lara defended the right to quality education for all, especially for girls and boys in harsh contexts.

Lara Pocock holds an MA in Public and International Affairs (MAPI) from the University of Montreal and a BA (double major) in International Relations and Middle East Studies from McGill University.

Lara joined the PRIDE team in August 2020.

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