Protecting migrant children

Project duration : 2018

The IBCR’s presence in Mauritania announces the return of a valuable collaboration with Save the Children. A few years ago, both organisations took part in a project for civil societies in nine Middle-Eastern and North-African countries, an extensive protection programme for children in contact with peacekeeping forces in the African Union. Today, through a new mandate by Save the Children, the IBCR brings its technical expertise to Mauritanian authorities for a European Union-backed capacity building project aimed at improving immigration management in order to protect migrant children from exploitation and trafficking. Through adapted training tools and a pool of certified instructors, national, regional and local authorities will soon be able to train their staff that comes in contact with migrant children on a daily basis.

The continuing professional training programme for the protection of migrant children and for the identification and management of trafficking exploitation cases is based on:

  • Mauritanian and international legal, political and institutional frameworks
  • Information gathering and management
  • Mobilisation of community resources
  • Communication with children
  • Monitoring and evaluating initiatives
  • Intervention locations :
  • Project duration:
  • Partners :
    • Save the Children
    • EU
  • Highlights:
  • Fields of activity and expertise :

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