Madagascar : Studies on Child Exploitation

Brief history of the project :

The study on violence against children in Madagascar is part of the Child Protection Programme 2015-2019 signed between the Government of Madagascar and UNICEF. The objectives of the programme are to strengthen the protection system through the adoption of a policy and legal framework, to improve the child justice system and to reduce the prevalence of violence by putting in place prevention and protection mechanisms. As part of this programme, the IBCR, in partnership with UNICEF and Madagascar's Ministry of Population, Social Protection and the Advancement of Women, is committed to conducting research on violence against children to complement the national survey on the Millennium Development Goals.

The objectives :

  • Provide estimates that describe the extent and nature of violence experienced by children
  • Assess the determinants of violence against children and its impact on child victims, their families and communities
  • To identify potential risks and protective factors that directly influence the nature and extent of violence against children
  • To assess the knowledge and use of child protection services (social, legal and medical) available to children who experience violence at district and national levels
  • Based on the findings, make recommendations that will inform national child protection policy, child protection programmes and legal reforms to improve and strengthen interventions to better prevent, identify and respond to violence against children

The achievements : 

  • The production of a literature review and a methodological note 
  • Two multi-sectoral workshops in Antanarivo
  • The training of field investigators and the holding of pilot activities to assess the relevance of the research tools developed
  • Data collection in 6 regions of the country (Toamasina, Mahajanga, Toliary, Fianarantsoa, Antsiranana, Antanarivo)

Consultations and exchanges

The quantitative survey consulted

  • 582 households
  • 545 young people
  • 437 school staff
  • 341 staff members of organisations providing various services

The qualitative survey involved consultation with

  • Boys’ groups
  • Girls’ groups
  • Community leaders’ groups
  • Mayors
  • Fokontan chiefs
  • Gendarmes and police
  • Justice personnel
  • Community workers
  • Health and development centre staff
  • NGO members
  • Etc.

  • Intervention locations :
  • Project duration:
  • Partners :
  • Highlights:
  • Fields of activity and expertise :
    • Capacity building
    • Advocacy and institutional support
    • Child sexual exploitation
    • Children and the justice system

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