Two events to improve justice for children in Quebec

In March, the IBCR organised two events to improve the judicial course of the child in Quebec. Justice sector professionals were invited to Montreal on the 7th and to Quebec City on the 16th to discover the training “REPERE – Making the child’s participation effective to strengthen his or her experience”.

After two years of work and close collaboration with juvenile justice specialists in Quebec, the Bureau unveiled its new REPERE training course. Intended for professionals in contact with child victims or witnesses of criminal offences in the province, its ambition is to ensure that each child is accompanied in a positive manner and with respect for his or her rights within the justice system.

REPERE seeks to ensure that the child’s participation is respectful, informed, safe, adapted to his or her abilities and meaningful to him or her.Annick Murphy, vice-president of the IBCR's Board of Directors

Through an interactive presentation of the training course and its creation process, as well as a time for networking and sharing ideas, the people present were able to reflect further on the issues involved in supporting children in contact with the justice system and the importance of their participation.


More than 50 people, professionals from the sector, attended the two events.

Discover the interactive path presented during the two events:


In 2017, the Bureau conducted a study on the judicial trajectory of children victims or witnesses of criminal offences in Quebec. This study and its findings, in particular the gaps identified in the support of children, were presented in this first step of the path. Video clips from the REPERE training course enabled those present to listen to the testimonies of young people sharing their experiences.


The REPERE training course, its content, but also its pedagogical objectives were at the heart of this second stage.


The last stage of the course offered the opportunity to preview the training and to discover the conclusions of an analysis of the support offered to children being monitored by youth protection and who are in contact with the justice system in Quebec.

The child’s right to participate and to be informed is frequently undermined during his or her journey through the justice system, and this training aims – among other things – to change that.Nicolas Robe, operations coordinator in charge of the REPERE project

Following the path, a networking session allowed participants to discuss the subject and to reflect on the next steps to improve the judicial process for children in Quebec.

For the time being, the REPERE training course is only available for Quebec’s professional orders. The order of criminologists, the order of psychoeducators of Quebec, and the order of social workers and therapists have already included it in their training catalogue. It will also be available to the Quebec Bar as of April 1st.

The Bureau would like to warmly thank all those present, as well as its partners, without whom the project could not have been completed. The REPERE training is the first step in a journey towards sustainable improvement in the support of children within the Quebec justice system, which can only be achieved collectively.

Discover the REPERE training course