The IBCR held two workshops at the “Justice With Children” Congress

Justice With Children EN

Last November, the IBCR participated in the World Congress on Justice With Children through two workshops that took place during the day dedicated to Sub-Saharan Africa. The purpose of the Congress and the workshops is to create a space to raise awarness and mobilise around issues related to justice for children.

The IBCR highlighted the importance of child participation in improving practices in the justice system with children through two workshops:

  • The first workshop presented by Martin Causin (IBCR Africa Regional Representative) focused on how to ensure non-discriminatory and inclusive access to children in contact with the justice system while building the skills of actors in child protection systems.
  • The second workshop, presented by Julie Dénommée (Deputy Director of Expertise and Learning at the IBCR) focused on child participation.
More than ever, children are not only spectators of their protection and rights, but also full actors as subjects of law. As a constantly evolving process, children’s participation needs to be thoughtful, inclusive, flexible, adapted and meaningful to them as well as to us. For children to have real access to quality services that are adapted to their rights, their experience and allow them to participate, a whole system must be put in place. Martin Causin, Regional Representative Africa, IBCR

The IBCR had a double presence at the congress with two of our board members as members and chair of the congress scientific committee > Read more.

The Congress ended with a “World Declaration on Justice with Children 2021”, which brings together the outcome of the discussions held before and during the World Congress, and to which the Bureau associates itself.

Read the declaration