The consolidation of the Batela Mwana Project in Democratic Republic of the Congo: a significant progress made in July

This July 2017, several members of the IBCR team traveled to Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, to follow up the Batela Mwana project, including Anne Marie Gervais, specialist in training and skills transfer, Émile Darribère, Expert Police, and Serge Bouopda Guechou, project manager. In addition to this team, a representative of the DGEF (Directorate General of Schools and Training) and five rapporteurs of the working groups selected from the workshop participants were added.

From July 10th to 13th, the pre-validation workshop for the basic course on children’s rights and child-friendly practices for police officers was held. The content of this workshop was tested during a pilot course held from 24th to 28th of July, along with police officers and observers. Courses have focused on prevention, identification, reporting and networking with other child protection actors involved in the the protection of the child in order to improve the support system, which requires psychosocial support and an intervention adapted to their needs. These sessions provided some suggestions from observing participants.

The second steering committee of the project was held in Kinshasa on the 24th of July. Organized with the aim of involving the major child protection actors in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the implementation of the project, the steering committee aimed to learn about the progress made so far and to validate the key documents while allowing members to take ownership of the project.