Providing better tools to professionals accompanying child victims or witnesses of crime in Quebec

The IBCR is initiating a new training project to better equip professionals who work with children who are victims and/or witnesses of a criminal act in Quebec. This initiative, funded by the Government of Quebec’s Victims of Crime Fund (FAVAC) of the Department of Justice, is based on the Bureau’s expertise in child justice and pedagogy.

When a child is a victim or a witness of criminal act in Quebec, he or she comes into contact with professionals responsible for accompanying him or her throughout his or her journey through the justice system.

Police officers and social workers are thus among the key players to whom this project is addressed, along with prosecutors, judges and lawyers. 

The initiative, which is funded by the “Fonds d’aide aux victimes d’actes criminels” (FAVAC) of the Quebec government’s Department of Justice (for the year 2019-2020), plans to develop several interactive training modules, available online, for all personnel who wish to develop and/or strengthen their skills in accompanying child victims or witnesses of crime.

Find more information on the key competency approach, which is at the heart of our training courses, and our latest reference guide on the subject here.

More information on the page of the project.