Promoting children’s rights to the youth in Quebec

As the IBCR’s mission is to promote and protect children’s rights, part of its activities are aimed at informing the public about these rights in all our countries of action, including Canada. The IBCR thus intervened twice with a student audience on this subject during the month of October.

Firstly, the IBCR presented the various legal texts that govern the work of NGOs working for children’s rights as part of a course at the University of Montreal (UdeM) that is part of the international cooperation certificate. The IBCR was able to go over the key treaties governing children’s rights, such as the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, present its mission and some of the projects the organisation is working on.

Then, as part of the sociology course at the Cegep of Montmorency, the Bureau was able to talk about the definition of the place of the child in society to a class of 35 students. In order to understand the concept of children’s rights in the world and in Quebec, the students participated in an educational game on human rights and children’s rights. The meeting ended with a discussion on the reality of children’s rights in Quebec.

Children and young people are at the heart of the IBCR’s mission, which is to inform and engage them in the promotion of their own rights, among other things through meetings such as these.

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