Latin American International Cooperation Brunch

On September 16, 2023, the Office had the pleasure of organizing the Latin American International Cooperation Brunch, which enabled over sixty people to find out about opportunities for volunteer cooperation mandates in Latin America.

Brunch de la coopération internationale latino-américaine

The event attracted candidates for volunteer cooperation mandates, whether offered by the Bureau in Peru, Colombia, Honduras and Costa Rica, or by five other volunteer cooperation organizations associated with the event: CECI, SUCO, CUSO, Carrefour International and OXFAM-Québec.

The photo exhibition, videos of the various partners, information booths and, above all, the presence of several volunteer cooperants enabled those present to gain a better understanding of the concept of volunteer cooperation and, more specifically as far as IBCR is concerned, to become aware of the role that each and every one of us can play in defending and promoting children’s rights in the countries concerned. The presentation of the skill-building expectations of partner organizations wishing to host cooperants enabled us to make the link between the expertise of interested individuals and these different partners. For the candidates present, the next step is to transform their desire to leave into a real volunteer cooperation mandate!

Special thanks go to Gabriela Rincon (volunteer as national focal point in Colombia) and our volunteer for the PANIAMOR office in Costa Rica, whose presence at this event helped to make a volunteering experience more concrete, to explain how their expertise can be put to good use in strengthening partners active in favor of children’s rights, and to inspire others.

This brunch was just the first step in the mobilisation! If you are Canadian or a permanent resident of Canada, if you have experience and expertise in fields such as project management, organisational management, communication, law or equivalent, and if you would like to go abroad for a few weeks or several months, the IBCR volunteer cooperation programme is for you! You can make a significant contribution to strengthening children’s rights in one of the eleven countries concerned, by working with partners in a variety of fields.

The Voluntary Cooperation Programme (PCV)

Through the deployment of qualified volunteers, the IBCR’s Programme for the Integral Reinforcement of Children’s Rights builds the capacity of local organisations and supports their work in 11 countries in Africa, Central and South America. By fostering partnerships, the Voluntary Cooperation Programme (PCV) seeks to make lasting improvements to the protection and promotion of children’s rights, particularly those of girls, among the poorest and most marginalised.




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 Voluntary cooperation programme funded by Global Affairs Canada.