International Development Week: Partners for a Better World

As part of International Development Week (IDW), from February 4 to February 10 2018, the IBCR wishes to  highlight the contributions of its volunteers currently deployed in 9 countries and working in partnership with local organisations in Latin America and Africa. By participating in the Volunteer Cooperation Programme “Protecting the Rights of Children, Women and Vulnerable Communities”, volunteers work to build the capacity of partner organisations for the benefit of children, women and vulnerable communities. They also work to strengthen democracy and better access to justice in the countries concerned.

Established in 1991, International Development Week is a uniquely Canadian tradition. The theme for IDW 2018, ‘Partners for a Better World’, encourages all Canadians to be partners in building a better, more inclusive, peaceful and prosperous world. The efforts of Canadians, whether collectively or as individuals, play an important role in achieving sustainable development at home and around the globe.

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