Inspire, connect, engage : the cooperation’s 6 to 8

On the 21st of June, the Bureau had the pleasure of co-organising and taking part in the cooperation 6 to 8! In a relaxed atmosphere, many participants seized the opportunity to discover the world of international volunteering and broaden their horizons.

Two women that are standing in a crowded bar and having a cronversation.

The event was a great success, with just over 80 people attending to find out more about the Volunteer Cooperation Program (VCP). Participants were able to ask their many questions, particularly about the IBCR’s mission, the various mandates available and the entry requirements, and we enjoyed answering them.

This event was a real catalyst for connecting interested people, inspiring commitment and consolidating a community invested in creating a more sustainable world. The collaboration of 9 organisations from the Volunteer Cooperation Program brought a diversity of perspectives, expertise and shared experiences that created a dynamic atmosphere conducive to rich exchanges.

The Bureau representatives also highlighted the ability of volunteers to make a difference and have a direct impact through their skills, experience and enthusiasm.

Whether you are a young worker or retired, whether you have experience in areas such as project management, organisational management, communication or law, you can seize the opportunity to take part in our PCV programme and make a significant contribution to the protection of children’s rights.


Through the deployment of qualified volunteers, the PCV (programme de coopération volontaire) strengthens the capacities of local organisations and supports their action in 11 countries in Africa, Central and South America. By fostering partnerships, PRIDE seeks to achieve lasting improvements in the protection and promotion of children’s rights, particularly those of girls, among the vulnerable and most marginalised.



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PRIDE voluntary cooperation programme funded by Global Affairs Canada.