“I am a street child but I have rights, I have dreams, I have a vision. “

On the 12th of April, the Civil Society Platform for Children (PFSCE), a partner organisation of the International Bureau for Children’s Rights PRIDE project based in Antananarivo, Madagascar, marked the International Day of Children in Street Situations with a dedicated event. 

A few numbers

According to a 2015 study (carried out by the ISTS and the PFSCE), there are about 23,000 children in street situations in Antananarivo. Of these, 22% live on the street and 78% work on the street during the day and return home at night.

This year, the platform chose the following theme to mark the occasion “Ankizin’ny lalana aho fa manana zo, manana vina, manana nofy” or “I am a street child but I have rights, I have dreams, I have a vision. ” in Malagasy . In the context of the SANDRATRA project, with the support of several partners, including the IBCR, the Antanarivo City Council, Unicef, the Ministry of Population, Social Protection and the Promotion of Women, the Merieux Foundation, the AXIAN Foundation, the STAR Group, ASMAE Madagascar and AFD, the PFSCE set up a media campaign as well as distribution of hot meals and sanitary kits for many children living on the streets.

In total, more than 500 children were reached by this action. The PFSCE staff and distribution teams also used their interactions with the children and their families to raise awareness on health measures, their rights and the services they can access. In parallel, awareness-raising messages for the Malagasy population were broadcasted on several local and national media.

Members of the PFSCE distributing food and health kits.

Members of the PFSCE and the distribution team.

About the PFSCE

Created in 2008 under the initiative of Terre des Hommes and in a context of expulsion of families and children in street situations, the Platform of Civil Society for Children is a federation of civil society actors working in child protection. Given the need for solidarity and coordination of actions carried out with children, the PFSCE has continued to grow, and currently includes 52 associations and national or international NGOs. It  coordinates the actors of the Analamanga region in order to bring their voice to the attention of decision-makers and state personalities in the field of child protection.

Mission of the PFSCE :

1. Promote collaboration between child protection actors in the Analamanga region

2. Strengthen the capacities of civil society actors

3. Influence public and private strategic orientations

4. Promote children’s rights

The collaboration between the Office and the PFSCE is pursued through the PRIDE  voluntary cooperation project.

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The Volunteer Cooperation Programme is funded by Global Affairs Canada