Honduras: Pilot Course on children’s rights protection

From October 9th to 12th, the IBCR held a pilot course in Santa Lucia, Honduras, on children’s rights protection approach and how to integrate it into daily work.

More than 25 civil servants attended the course, and mostly came from the rector institution for child protection in Honduras, the Directorate of Children, Adolescence and Family of Honduras (DINAF).

The Santa Lucia’s course gave to the IBCR the opportunity to test the content, teaching methods and exercises of the training kit on children’s protection with a variety of professionals from the project’s partners and beneficiary, the DINAF. The course was a positive experience for participants, as it strengthened their knowledge and capacity.

Some of these participants will be able to carry out the same process of capacity building, through the training of trainer that will be held in the next month. One of DINAF’s educator mentioned, for instance, that the course allowed her to have a clearer idea of the processes and specific knowledge that could perfectly be implemented within the DINAF.

Another participant of the course, a legal advisor of one of DINAF’s regional office mentioned DINAF’s role of right’s guarantor. For him, it is truly important not only to fulfill correctly the administrative processes and procedures, but also to warranty the rights of the boys and the girls that are under DINAF’s protection.

DINAF’s interdisciplinary training kit was indeed developed to better equip DINAF civil servants (social workers, legal advisers, administrators, etc.) to better exercise their daily job with an integral protection focus.