Final step for our pluriannual project in Burkina Faso

Last September, the annual steering committee meeting was held for the last time as part of our multiannual project on capacity building for security forces, justice personnel and social workers in the child protection system.

The steering committee is a key body in the monitoring and evaluation of the project; its task is to validate the annual report and to discuss possible reorientations needed to achieve the objectives. This year in particular, much of the discussion was devoted to measures taken to adapt to the sanitary situation of Covid-19 in the country.

As this was the last official meeting of the project before its closure, the committee took stock of the last 5 years and highlighted the actions carried out and those that remain to be undertaken with local actors to ensure the sustainability of the project.

The participants were able to hear testimonies from members of the different sectors targeted by the project on the progress and concrete changes generated in each sector in favour of children.

« Colleagues say that they have a change of perspective in their practices, that their role is clearer and more detailed and that their functions are better explained by the operating methods. »Representative of the General Direction for the Family and the Child

The project team is now completing the final training and data reporting activities and preparing for the official closing of the project scheduled for January 2021.

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