Fighting against the recruitment of children associated with armed groups in Colombia: the IBCR meets with Coalico

As part of the protection of children’s, women’s and vulnerable collectivities’s rights project (PRODEF), Karine Ruel, director of programmes and development–Americas, North Africa and Middle East, and Tarik Marc, project manager of PRODEF’s programme and voluntary cooperation at the International Bureau for Children’s Rights, met members of the new partnership in Colombia: the platform of organisations named Coalico (Coalición contra la vinculación de niños, niñas y jóvenes al conflicto armado en Colombia).

This coalition, created in October 1999, combats the use of boys, girls and young people in the armed conflict in Colombia. It is a space for confluence and articulation of 8 civil society organisations which – through follow-ups, monitoring, advocacy actions and promotion of children’s rights – seeks to transform positively the situations generated by the Colombian armed conflict, in particular those related to the use and recruitment of children in armed groups.

Within the next few months, the organisation will host a volunteer co-ordinator in Bogota who will provide expertise in international legal instruments regarding the protection of the rights of the child.