The Fifth Latino-American Congress on Human Trafficking

The Fifth Congress on Human Trafficking is holding its first representation today, June 13th, in Lima, Pérou. This international event lasts three days and cover up both Latin American and Carribbean regions. Three executive board members from the IBCR are included in the team of participants, namely  Najat Maala M’jid, President of the Bureau, Andrea Querol,  Congress’s organisator, President of CHS Alternativo and Vice-President of the IBCR as well as Maria-Eugenia Villarreal, Executive Director of ECPAT Guatemala.

As a form of modern slavery, human trafficking constitutes a serious violation of human rights, affecting men, women and children alike. According to the Global Slavery Index, estimations of individuals in a modern slavery situation in America revolve around 2, 168, 600 people. This phenomenon can manifest itself under diverse forms, like forced labour, sexual exploitation, forced begging or the extraction of organs. By their implication in the Congress, participants engage themselves in a dialogue on this critical situation through the animation of workshops and conferences. 

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