Exchange of knowledge and good practices in Child Protection with the Delegation of the Democratic Republic of Congo in Morocco

The author, Meryem Zhiri is currently deployed in Morocco as a management and fundraising consultant, as part of the project “Protection of Children, Women and other Vulnerable Communities (PRODEF)”, implemented by the International Bureau of Children’s Rights and Lawyers Without Borders Canada, thanks to the financial support of the Government of Canada provided through Global Affairs Canada. Meryem’s mandate is to support the Association Bayti in Casablanca.

As part of the project on strengthening the capacities of police officers, justice personnel and social workers on child protection in Democratic Republic of Congo, the IBCR has organised a trip to exchange about good practices in the field of children’s rights as well as child protection. The Democratic Republic of Congo’s delegation was composed of 8 people and they visited Morocco from September 25th to October 4th, 2017. 

The project entitled “Batela Mwana”, is the result of an agreement between the governement of the Democratic Republic of Congo and the government of Canada, funded by Global Affairs Canada. The organisation of the visit has been supported by the partner of the IBCR in Morocco, the Bayti Association.

Morocco has a well-known experience, at the regional level, concerning its system for the protection of the child and is considered as a reference in the region of the Middle East and North Africa as well as in the South-South exchanges. Moreover, the key elements sought by the participants during this exchange have mainly concerned the management of information in the area of the protection of the child, the organisation and the operation of brigades responsible for the protection of children, the implementation of the mediation process regarding justice for children, the tools and operating modes used in the protection of the child as well as the mode of consultation and coordination between the actors of the system children protection. 

The participants also visited various governmental institutions and Moroccan associative structures. These visits has been constantly warm, constructive and interactive. The exchanges focused on an understanding of good practices, both on the Congolese side as well as on the Moroccan side. This aspect of the visit was constructive because the ultimate objective for all participants was to converge toward the best interest of the child.

The journey of the Congolese delegation has coincided with the celebration of the feast of the Ashura which is considered, in Morocco, as the feast of children by excellence. It is celebrated on the tenth day of Mouharram which was held this year on Saturday 30 September. The Delegation of the Democratic Republic of  Congo has shared this festive event with the children of Bayti. The members of the delegation have appreciated this moment of sharing and conviviality. During this feast, the children have also received gifts and shared dry fruits as well as candy.