DRC: Training of instructors in collaboration with the DGEF and the Congolese National Police

As part of the projet Reinforcing child protection capacity building for police officers, justice personnel and social workers, the IBCR has organised a 12-days training of instructors in collaboration with the General Schools and Trainings Direction (Direction Générale des Écoles et Formations – DGEF) and the National Congolese Police. 

From February 5 to 16 2018, 30 instructors, including 4 women, from the DGEF and police schools were trained on the rights of the child and practices adapted to children, at the Training and Development Center Saint Gérard Kola, located in Mbanza Ngungu City, in Kongo Central Province, DRC. They were subjected to written tests and a simulation of the presentation of some course activities, in front of their peers, in order to obtain the mark required for certification.

This training was an apportunity for the IBCR to transfer its expertise to the Congolese National Police by providing a basic course on child protection that meets international standards and has trained qualified instructors.

The instructors who got certified will now give the training to police students at the Kasangulu Formation Centre.