DRC: A very instructive pilot course for social workers in Goma

From June 25 to 29, more than 30 participants have attended the IBCR pilot course on child rights and child-friendly practices for social workers in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo.

This pilot course has given the IBCR the opportunity to test the content and teaching methods of the social work kit with several school recruits, new social workers as well as professionals.

This course was a very good experience since it allowed the participants to enhance their personal and professional awareness related to children’s rights. For the first time, this group was composed of more women than men. The group was very dynamic, participative and took responsibility for the class which was really instructive for everyone taking part in the course.

People in charge of the National Institute of Social Work, including the director of the school and the teacher who will give this training in the future, were present to play the role of student and have a better understanding of the course.

In a region where the challenges are great, particularly because of major issues and armed conflict, this course will have a beneficial impact on the way in which social workers can intervene in the region.