Dozens of runners at the finish line for children’s rights.

scotia run

On April 23, the International Bureau for Children’s Rights (IBCR) team participated in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge in Montreal. Several dozen runners joined the cause and ran to raise funds for children’s rights. Bravo and thank you to them!  

A large number of IBCR employees were present on Saturday, accompanied by their children, nephews and nieces. Most of them ran the 5 km course, and even the smallest ones managed to cross the finish line!  

The IBCR has been participating in the Scotia Run Charity Challenge for several years now, and each time, rain or shine, employees mobilize to make our cause more visible and to collect donations. 

Thanks also to those who have joined the team, friends, neighbours and other passionate runners who care about our cause.  

It’s not over yet!  

There is still a month to donate to the team, which is more than 50% of the way to its fundraising goal. So the virtual race is not over! Some of our colleagues are even running from Burkina Faso and France to participate.  

Encourage them by making a donation to help them reach their goal! 


Where will the money go? 

All money raised will be used to finance our projects in Quebec, Canada and internationally. Your donations allow us to go further in our actions to make children’s rights a reality for every child. 

Support the team by making a donation or by sharing this link around you: 


Every gesture counts! 


Thank you to Ton Atelier who took care of the cost of a large part of our T-shirts printed for the occasion.