Day of the African Child 2024

On June 16th 2024, IBCR celebrates the Day of the African Child, a special opportunity to highlight our mission of fulfilling the rights of children at risk or victims of violence and those in contact with the justice system. 

In Africa, our efforts in Burkina Faso, Senegal, Mali and the Democratic Republic of Congo are fully aligned with this mission. Our country representatives have met to present the projects and actions underway, carried out with our partners. They also discussed the activities that are being put in place in each country for this day.  

Find out more about our current projects in these four countries :  

Democratic Republic of Congo

The Tonga Mpo Na Bolamu Ya Mwana project aims to strengthen the child protection system by enhancing the capacities and coordination of sectors not usually considered as child protection actors. This enables them to play an active role within the protection system

Burkina Faso

The Biig yi Neere project focuses on preventing and combating sexual and gender-based violence against children.


The Xalé Sama Yité project aims to empower girls and front-line actors in the fight against sexual and gender-based violence.


The Lakana project aims to enable children to benefit from and contribute to a protection ecosystem that is adapted to them, guaranteeing the effective implementation of their rights, particularly in the face of sexual and gender-based violence.

On a global scale, a holistic approach is at the heart of our work with partners in nine African countries. This strengthens justice and child protection systems. This is done so that children have the role they deserve, ensuring that their interests are respected at their best in each decision, and so they can participate in determining them.  

Discover our initiatives for the Day of the African Child in 2024 : 

  • Democratic Republic of Congo : IBCR is actively involved in the National Week of the Child, hosting radio programs and participating in official activities organized by the Congolese government. In addition, an event is planned at the special children’s section at the Makala prison.
  • Senegal : IBCR is collaborating with the Senegalese Ministry of Women, Family, Gender and Child Protection, through communication activities, to commemorate both the Day of the African Child and the National Week of the Child.  
  • Burkina Faso : A day is dedicated to exchanging experiences and sharing stories on the topic of children without families. This initiative is in line with this year’s theme of promoting the rights of every child and family in times of crises.