Costa Rica: official opening of the international congress on human trafficking

Live from Costa-Rica

The international congress « Prevention and identification of criminal human trafficking » opened this week in San Jose, the Costa-Rican capital.

Around a hundred people from thirteen countries attended this major event, among whom the second Vice-President of Costa-Rica, the Minister of Public Security, Government and Police, the Attorney General, as well as numerous ambassadors, including the ambassador of Canada.

Representatives of local, regional and national childhood protection organizations, of international cooperation organizations and of several media also took part in the first day’s various workshops.

The agenda of the Congress included, among other things, the evolution of human trafficking crimes in a regional context, statistics and challenges, prevention as a tool of detection, identification and denunciation, or still good practices and lessons learned in prevention.

At the end of this congress, techniques of investigation regarding human trafficking crimes are exchanged to be more thoroughly recognized and developed.

The CONATT (national coalition against illicit migrant trafficking and human trafficking) and the IBCR also hope good practices in prevention, detection and investigation to be identified, and new mechanisms to fight trafficking to be developed thanks to the new elements highlighted by the congress.