Children’s rights in the age of apps – A conference with over 200 young people

PAJ conférence

The IBCR hosted a conference in early May on the theme of children’s rights in the age of apps. More than 200 young people from a school on the north shore of Montreal, Quebec, attended and gave their views on the subject.    

The Externat Sacré-Cœur, partner of the project “Parole aux jeunes! (PAJ) – Better prevent and act against sexual exploitation,” invited the IBCR to lead a one-hour conference on the rights and challenges faced by young people in a context where applications are omnipresent.   

Two members of the IBCR team reflected with the 200 or so teenagers present on a number of topics, such as the application of free and informed sexual consent, or the sharing of non-consensual intimate images. The young people, who are completing their fourth year of secondary school, were asked to express their opinions on certain preconceived ideas surrounding these subjects by agreeing or disagreeing with certain statements.  

 Throughout the session, suggestions were given to ensure that everyone can respect their own rights, those of their peers, and be an agent of change when certain more delicate situations arise. 

The young people were very participative, especially when it was time to express their agreement or disagreement. It is clear that this is a relevant and topical issue for them. Geneviève Trépanier, PAJ project officer

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