Azerbaijan: Special mission for UNICEF

It was already dark when Mr Jose Ordonez, Justice for Children Specialist, landed in the ancient city of Baku, capital city of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Bounded to the North by Russia and to the south by Iran, this former Soviet State has witnessed vast economic growth, visible by a mix of old and ultra modern buildings in Baku.



Mr Jose Ordonez was sent to Baku by UNICEF to deliver a  “training of trainers”. This training covered numerous crucial notions of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, including participation, development, best interests, family life, and protection from violence, exploitation and abuse. The rights of refugee children, those with disabilities and those in conflict with the law were also covered.

Participants were composed of a multi-disciplinary and experienced group with lawyers, social workers, psychologists, doctors, civil servants and civil society staff that either work with children or develop programs for children nationally. Following this intensive training, this group will be able to train teenagers on their rights with a variety of participative, engaging and dynamic activities.