Against Sextorsion and Blackmail, a Naked-Mole Rat

Sextorsion, as a contraction of sex and extorsion, is a mean to extract money or naked pictures of you, threatening you sent already existent pictures of yourself if you refuse to comply. In theses circonstances, two choices: either send more pictures of yourself or money. 

In fact, a third possibility is presented to those who are the victims of such abuse: the sending of a naked-mole rat.

In this short video, it is explained that, eventhough it is normal to explore one’s sexuality when a teenager, it is always risky to send naked pictures or videos or yourself. If this situation presents itself, it is suggested to send a photo or a gif of this little rodent. 

Sextorsion is a phenomenon that grows in popularity. On this website, it is explained that it is important to prevent such situations by talking about it, most importantly with young people. An application is available on the website as well, providing photos and gifs of that animal, ready to be sent. Finally, an informative guide is also available. Among other things, it offers thematic activities to raise young people’s awareness of this issue.