A well-deserved distinction for our partner in Morocco, the Bayti association.

Our Moroccan partner in the framework of the voluntary cooperation programme PRODEF (protection of the rights of children, women and vulnerable communities), the Bayti association, received the Moroccan civil society award for the 2019 edition. This distinction rewards civil society actors and NGOs for their contributions, and aims to promote their innovative actions and initiatives and their services in favour of society.

Established in Morocco since 1995, Bayti is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation, recognised as being of public utility, which works in Morocco for the protection and psycho-social reintegration of children in difficult situations, and for the defence of their rights. It distinguished itself among 143 candidatures that were submitted for this prestigious award, thanks to its 24 years of experience in favour of children and young people in difficult situations and the innovative good practices that it has initiated and diversified, notably with the Farm-School programme (Read more in this article). The IBCR warmly congratulates Bayti for this well-deserved award.

Bayti has been working for 24 years to protect children in difficult situations from all forms of abuse, violence, exploitation, neglect and exclusion, to prevent all forms of violence, abuse, exploitation and exclusion against children, and it can go so far as to provide medical, psychological, social, pedagogical and educational care for child victims. It also advocates family (biological or foster families) and school reintegration, training, professional integration and empowerment of young people, and carries out advocacy activities to promote the rights of the child in Morocco, in accordance with the commitments prescribed by the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and its Optional Protocols and other international instruments ratified by the country.

A partner of the IBCR from the very beginning, the Bayti association has since the implementation of the PRODEF programme welcomed 6 international volunteers for mandates ranging from a few weeks to several months. Find their stories in these articles:

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