A successful fundraising event, a wonderful moment of sharing around children’s rights

On November 21, we held our fundraising event for children’s rights, a warm and informative event dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child and to the 25th anniversary of our organisation. Dedicated to the great advances and current challenges in the field of children’s rights, the evening unfolded in a spirit of sharing and new meetings, all centered around an artistic auction designed to raise funds for our projects in Canada and around the world.

The evening was held in the heart of Old Montreal, in the superb Gallery 203. 

Participants had the opportunity to discover many artworks donated by talented artists for the occasion, as well as an installation dedicated to the most significant moments in the history of children’s rights. A unique show awaited them, with a live performance by artist Jessica Gorlicky Designs and the smooth, jazzy voice of the brilliant Shaharah Sinclair.

Over 90 people gathered for this moment of friendly exchange around our values, and thanks to the artistic auction and generous donations from the artists, we were able to raise funds for our projects for the continuation of our work in support of children’s rights worldwide.

We warmly thank all who have shown their support by donating works of art, by being involved in the planning of the event or simply by being by our side that evening. We are infinitely grateful for your generosity.