Why Filipinos as young as 12 are planning to join this year’s ‘climate strike’

MANILA – Cedric Tuazon is just 12 years old, but while his classmates are spending their weekends sleeping in or watching K-Pop, he’s thinking of ways to help address environmental problems. 

“I also have a lot of interests. I’m interested in different art forms like drawing… I am also interested in K-Pop,” Tuazon said. “But I also want to fight for the environment.”

Tuazon said that while his classmates worry only about their subjects and their “love life,” he wants to be more educated and to help secure the future of young Filipinos like him.

“There are many plastics and waste that are thrown to the ocean. All of the sea creatures think those plastics are food and eat them, which is definitely not good for their health which would lead to them dying,” he said. 

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