Thousands of Families—Including 80,000 Children—Forced to Flee Escalating Violence in Northwest Syria

At least 38 children have been killed since April 1

FAIRFIELD, Conn. (May 20, 2019) Thousands of families have fled from northern Hama to villages and towns close to the Turkish border, taking refuge in fields and on the sides of the road as overcrowded camps populations quadrupled in some areas, Save the Children said today.

Airstrikes and shelling targeting parts of northwest Syria have damaged 18 health facilities that serve more than 200,000 people and killed four health workers, according to the United Nations. Most medical facilities in the area have suspended their activities and those that continue to function are under pressure to respond to growing needs.

At least 38 children have been killed and 46 were injured in shelling on northwest Syria since April 1. Working with its partner in northwest Syria, Hurras Network, Save the Children has learned that nine children died at school, 11 children died at home, seven children died at the market, two children died in a camp and one child died in the hospital.

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