Complaint filed with National Commission for protection of Child Rights against children being used for anti-CAA protests

The complaint demands that a minimum age criterion be set which mandates that children below a certain cannot participate in protests. It also requests that the parents who engage in such irresponsible conduct be detained.

The NGO Save Child India has filed a complaint with the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) registering their concerns over the fact that children are being used in protests as props. The NGO says it is a gross violation of the rights of children and calls it child abuse. This complaint comes after several children were seen raising slogans and protesting in Shaheen Bagh.

It was emphasized that the children had not given their consent and also the fact that it was an area that is prone to violence and there’s not enough adequate protection for them. In the complaint, it is said, “That protest can be risky and that children can also face threats from authorities. This is a very critical concern to be considered that they might be penalized for what they have not done.”

Source: OpIndia