Mahamadi Oubda

After obtaining a master’s degree in biological sciences with a major in biology and plant physiology in 2004, Mahamadi OUBDA joined the National Police School to obtain a diploma as a prison security inspector after two years of study.

Holder of the diploma of Inspectors and integrated into the civil service, he occupied for about ten years within the penitentiary administration several positions of responsibility; director of penitentiary establishment, director of detention and security, director of personnel, secretary general of the training school, administrator within the board of directors of the penitentiary training school and member of the scientific council of the center of re-education and social reintegration of minors in conflict with the law of Koumi. During this professional experience, he conducted interventions with children in conflict with the law as well as with other children at risk including children living with their incarcerated mothers.

In 2015-2016, he began studying child rights protection at Thomas Sankara University, from which he obtained a Master’s degree in child rights protection in 2016. He took part in the two editions of the scientific days on childhood in Burkina Faso organized by the Higher Institute of Population Sciences (ISSP) of the University Joseph KI-Zerbo, an article of which was published in a collective work at Harmattan Burkina Faso.

In October 2018, he joined IBCR in the implementation of the project to build the capacity of police officers, gendarmes, magistrates and social workers in child law in Burkina Faso. At the end of the project, he joined WAO-Afrique Togo as a volunteer. And since September 2021, he has been participating in the implementation of the project: “Preventing and protecting sexual and gender-based violence against children in Burkina Faso.”