Guillaume Bambina

Guillaume Bambina has a university degree in Organisational Communications and a professional degree in Event Communications since 2015, and has devoted his career to honing his skills and expertise.

For five years, Guillaume worked in communications and events for a professional association, where he gained in-depth knowledge of communications issues specific to not-for-profit organisations (NPOs). He then joined a public relations agency to broaden his knowledge and experience of the media world, both in Quebec and across Canada.

With his outgoing and sociable personality, Guillaume is a true jack-of-all-trades. His enthusiasm, proactivity and commitment enable him to bring a human dimension to every project he takes part in, something he considers crucial. He attaches great importance to teamwork, convinced that the success of a project depends on everyone working together and pooling their strengths. As a result, he has no hesitation in bringing together all the resources needed to fuel his thinking and achieve his objectives.

Guillaume joined the IBCR in July 2023.