Cheikh Oumar Ba

Cheikh Oumar BA has a degree in legal and political sciences from the University Cheikh Anta DIOP in Dakar and the National School for Specialised Social Workers (ENTSS) in Senegal. Cheikh Oumar BA works as a social worker in the field of the protection of children’s rights.

Throughout his professional career, he has been heavily involved in the Employment and Disability Project of the NGO Handicap International. Through personalised social support, he has been heavily involved in the socio-professional inclusion of people with disabilities. Cheikh Oumar BA worked as a child protection officer at SOS Children’s Villages Senegal through the Programme d’Accompagnement des Communautés pour la Protection de l’Enfant in the region of Kolda, an area facing multiple security problems. He has had the opportunity to accompany families in their training process on parenting education. It has also provided support to community child protection structures (children’s clubs, neighbourhood child protection committees), the development of advocacy, the mobilisation of resources, and the implementation of awareness-raising activities related to child protection.