Participatory child development, a reality at BAYTI

Participative development Marocco

Djeynaba Touré

North Africa


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In 1996, it is in North Africa, more precisely in Morocco, that a beautiful story was born... the story of "BAYTI".

As its name indicates "my roof, my house" in Arabic, BAYTI is the house for children in difficult situations. Built with, by and for children, its sole objective is to rekindle the flame of their youth and give them hope for their future. 

During my tenure, I have witnessed the unfailing commitment of a team of determined women, men, and children, with a common goal of starting a family, giving a home to children in difficult situations, protecting the children, and allowing them not to give up on their dream.

As soon as you walk through the doors of the association's shelters, you can feel the dynamism and the plurality that reigns in these places. The children are active and very constructive with their own concerns, interests and points of view which are absolutely taken into account by the Bayti team. The team always insists on treating the children as independent right holders, to go towards them, to listen to them in order to accompany them in the elaboration and implementation of their life project. 

It is thus an ambassador and protector of the Rights of the Child within which each child has the means to promote and defend his or her rights based on a participatory and inclusive approach. Children are encouraged through self-development and positive education activities to contribute to their own development and it has been observed that Bayti's children participate in building resilience in their communities by proposing innovative solutions, accompanying social progress and inspiring change!   

Participatory child development is indeed a credo and a reality at Bayti, with the child at the heart of all actions from start to finish.

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