Become a volunteer, and take action to improve social welfare and children’s rights!

We are convinced that the most important and sustainable changes can be achieved by working close to the people and in collaboration with local partners.

In a true sense of mutual aid and local capacity building, the voluntary cooperation program, at the heart of the actions of the International Bureau for Children’s Rights, is carried out in 7 African and 4 Latin American countries.

The volunteers who work with us put their skills and expertise to serve children’s rights in a spirit of benevolence, solidarity and interest in international development issues. Their mobilization contributes in particular to advancing the empowerment of girls and gender equality, and to protecting children and their rights, regardless of the context.

Join us in building a better world for children!

Why volunteer?

The Voluntary Cooperation Program allows you to go to another country and work closely with our partners in Africa or Latin America for a few weeks or several months.

Being a volunteer means working alongside a committed team, taking part in its projects and daily life, but also going beyond the professional framework to build real human relationships centred on exchange and multicultural learning. It is also the promise to go to the heart of communities, and to use your skills where they will be most useful to change the reality of children.

A true professional and human adventure, international volunteering will allow you to make a difference.

With the support of World Affairs Canada, IBCR has been offering volunteer assignments in Africa and Latin America since 2015. By committing yourself to work with us, you can be sure to benefit from solid partnerships, constant support, and proven experience.

My experience […] reminded me of the reasons why I wanted to work in human rights. The contact with young people from less favoured communities and the possibility of giving them training on their fundamental rights makes the exercise of my profession meaningful. Sharing knowledge with the partner is also a privilege that allows us to grow together. 

Volunteer in Costa Rica


Countries of intervention

Africa: Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Madagascar, Morocco, Senegal, Togo and Tunisia.

Latin America: Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras and Peru.


Would you like to get involved and become a volunteer?

We don’t have any positions available at the moment, please come back and check this page which we update regularly. You can also submit an unsolicited application, we will contact you if a position corresponding to your profile arises.

Are you a passionate person, who has justice and human rights at heart?

Do you want to put your experience, skills and knowledge at the service of children?

You want to contribute to the solution of sustainable change for children and be part of IBCR’s expertise?


Spontaneous application

Send us your application (CV + cover letter + status in Canada) to if you meet the following requirements:

Skills demanded (click to scroll down)
  • Communication, animation and community mobilization
  • Organizational Development
  • Gender equality
  • Project Management
  • Law, children’s rights
  • Social Work


Conditions offered by the IBCR (click to scroll down)
  • Monthly allowance to cover essential expenses (adjusted in accordance with the cost of living in the country of destination)
  • Accommodation in the country of destination
  • Round trip air ticket
  • Emergency Medical Insurance
  • Holidays in accordance with the duration of the contract
  • Mandatory pre-departure training and ongoing on-site supervision


Please specify “International Volunteering” in the subject line of your email.

Only complete applications will be considered.

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Eligibility Criteria (click to scroll down)
  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada (supporting official status documents required) 
  • Possess the skills and/or experience required for the position
  • Agree to work according to the conditions defined by the local partner
  • Be covered by a health insurance plan (RAMQ in Quebec) or by a private health insurance policy.
  • Be in good physical and mental health (certified by medical certificates)


Volunteer Stories

Revisit the experience of our volunteers in Morocco, Colombia and the Ivory Coast on video!